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~ a few from the huge list of names coined for moi,thanks to a set of amazing people,I call f.r.i.e.n.d.s.

a few stay,most of them perish – life goes as usual…

Sharmin and Shirin,twins of a teacher couple in Kolkata had their life cut off in an instant in the recent Naxal attack on the train to Bombay. They were just about coming to terms with the excitement and hullabaloo of their first ever holiday from home.Their parents had accumulated all their money till this date to bring a week of smiles on their daughter’ faces and such was fate!

They hung on for 12 hours after the tragedy,desperately crying for help,which was about 10 minutes late when it reached them.Passing out in each others arms,it was heart rending to discover the twins enclosed into each other even as they went to the god’s abode.

Good deeds and good people don’t even have a face value in today’s world.

Its hard to concentrate on the Women’ games at the French Open.That ofcourse courtesy the attire that they adorn.Venus Williams is in action right now and not even a minute goes sans the flinging of the skirts,the popping of you-know-what and the like…And that is bad for the game,so to say. No wonder Richard Krajicek once famously remarked

Who wants to see these pigs play??

Ask me and I guess he foresaw this element to it too.

I was flipping channels on the TV when there was a Tamil news playing out. Its so funny to see regional mediums translate the English words into the native lingo and all the more funny,listening to them on the news.. So when the black box of Air India flight was discovered from the wreckage,the news went something like this

Air Indiyeah vimaanuthudan karuppu potti kandupidithullanar

which roughly translates as the Black box of the Air India flight has been discovered.

Black Box was literally translated as Karuppu Potti,headmaster becomes thalappan and the like. Funnies.. 😀