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As I got into the bus today,there came in a couple.They looked every bit,the people of this land.Homely,earthy and genial-the lady gave a beaming smile to the driver who had stopped the bus at the busy junction just for the two of them.And in time,he reciprocated quipping something in Kannada which made them smile too.I like that etiquette,so unusual in this part of the world! Anyway.

Just as they got themselves comfortable in their seats,I was looking at the woman.She looked content and was all smiles.Not so much into the journey,her focus shifted onto countering the cold inside.True to her self,she did not know much about the air ducts and the mechanism behind it.Seeing her discomfort,the ticket checker soon stepped in and reduced the temperature.And just as he was about to leave,she quipped something,again in Kannada.And he gave a warm smile.

I couldn’t resist and when the ticket checker came by my side,I asked him what she had said.It seems that this was her first time on board the Vajra… 🙂

……………….If not for the background score and the amazing camera work,Raavan would go down as a movie which never really had any sort of an impact on anyone.I mean,the hype and all that came with its release seems to have died all too soon.

After Mahabhrata and Ramayan,a movie on the holy Bible should be next in line… 🙂

If there was something so annoying about the junta in bengaluru,it would be their lack in any sense of direction.Every enquiry on the way to a particular place is followed by a Seedha Hogi (go straight),then a left hogi and finally right hogi – and by then you know he doesn’t have any faint idea about the place.

And so did I get my chance for payback and I did much the same.Though I had goofed it up soo badly that the guy who asked me,turned up right back where he met me. 

I was watching Udayanaanu Thaaram (Udayan is the star),a popular Mohanlal flick of the recent times – one of my favourite movies.Its a movie based on the life of a movie maker who struggles to get on board the industry because of the pressures of the industry,the arrogance and the demands of the super stars and also due to his own sheer misfortune.

And there is a dialogue in the movie,where he takes a dig on the concept of Cinema-for-Entertainment.

Mimicry and Commercial Cinema have spoiled the Industry,which has ever been reeling with the shortage of good stories to offer its fans.And hence,the fans are left with no choice but to make these commercial and masala movies into block busters.

And he was dead right in his analysis.Cinemas made with over 20 crores are the norm of the day in Bollywood and a few other setups.They do become mass hits,but an insight into it might it reveal its inability to deliver a message.

Whereas,there are script writers such as MT Vasuedvan Nair,Adoor Gopalakrishnan,Srinivasan and Sathyan Anthikkad,to name a few in Mollywood,who make movies in a shoe string budget.Its another fact that none of Adoors movies hit the theatres for its lack of receptiveness with the common man.Though this is the brand of cinema I believe,would stay in our hearts for the message that it has managed to deliver into our minds.

If wishes were horses,I would really want someone to go deep into you and enlighten that frigging arse brain of yours,on the current state of ours.For I feel,time is fast running out and so am I too moving far and far into the dark. This could well be termed as an escape route of sorts,to shy away from further embarrassment and disappointment – something which I have had to face this past year and before thanks to your arrogance/ignorance/negligence towards an US.

Though this very well wouldn’t mean life is going to end.Thus,these kind of decisions how-so-ever hard they are,ought to be taken in the best interest of self.I am sure you aren’t reading this,but this happens to be my place where I have no one else but me,for taming all those unanswered questions and the ever impending storm inside my head.Thus goes my life.

PS: I still love you…