Breeding a Culture

Well…One week of stay in bengaluru has brought to the fore,the diverse cultural exodus that bengaluru has welcomed into her.Probably this could be the only city which could boast of a multitude of cultures.One of which however strange it might sound,does exist in this part of the world – The Mall Culture.

You go to the numerous malls in the city and you end up looking as though you got trapped in third world.And going by the standards the mall culture has imposed on the people,I am completely mall unfit. 😛

No abs or packs (4/6/8/10),no girlfriends,no cool-looking shades and not the brand labels. 😦  But trust me! If you were a girl…,life couldn’t have been more cruel on you – all those tall sky-scraping stilettos,sleeveless tops(preferably see through),fragrances that can make people around nauseate,the shortest or the most body hugging pair of bottoms,a guy,loads of cash,PDA alongwith accentuated and “propah” English.And this list could go on and on and on. 

Such is life,shit happens!

PS: This wasn’t intended to convey that life was never possible unless everyone acclimatised with the said diktat.Fun intended.. 😀

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