As is the norm,I make full use of the INR 32 journey pass that the BMTC has introduced for public benefit.And this involves bus hopping,whenever and wherever I feel like,sometimes changing buses every stop. 😛 And doing all this jugglery,one fine day I came across a Montessori in front of one of these stops.

That particular day,I was highly veila and decided to observe the place.So,I got into a nice cozy vantage point close by,eyes transfixed at the kids coming into the place (and also at the odd yummy mummy who came that way.. ) And thus,I stood there thinking…..

I was one of the laziest kids to go to school.Crying as soon as the school gate could be seen became a habit and after a month or so,nobody really bothered and they let me be myself.And all my fears were compounded by dad,who always used to say that he would not come to pick me up at noon. And I cried even louder that seeing me,a few of my colleagues would follow suit. 😛 Even though I knew he could never afford not picking me up,there was never a day I went to pre-school all beaming and nice… 😦

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