Reality Check: Love

If wishes were horses,I would really want someone to go deep into you and enlighten that frigging arse brain of yours,on the current state of ours.For I feel,time is fast running out and so am I too moving far and far into the dark. This could well be termed as an escape route of sorts,to shy away from further embarrassment and disappointment – something which I have had to face this past year and before thanks to your arrogance/ignorance/negligence towards an US.

Though this very well wouldn’t mean life is going to end.Thus,these kind of decisions how-so-ever hard they are,ought to be taken in the best interest of self.I am sure you aren’t reading this,but this happens to be my place where I have no one else but me,for taming all those unanswered questions and the ever impending storm inside my head.Thus goes my life.

PS: I still love you…

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