The Journey

As I got into the bus today,there came in a couple.They looked every bit,the people of this land.Homely,earthy and genial-the lady gave a beaming smile to the driver who had stopped the bus at the busy junction just for the two of them.And in time,he reciprocated quipping something in Kannada which made them smile too.I like that etiquette,so unusual in this part of the world! Anyway.

Just as they got themselves comfortable in their seats,I was looking at the woman.She looked content and was all smiles.Not so much into the journey,her focus shifted onto countering the cold inside.True to her self,she did not know much about the air ducts and the mechanism behind it.Seeing her discomfort,the ticket checker soon stepped in and reduced the temperature.And just as he was about to leave,she quipped something,again in Kannada.And he gave a warm smile.

I couldn’t resist and when the ticket checker came by my side,I asked him what she had said.It seems that this was her first time on board the Vajra… 🙂

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