Monthly Archives: July 2010

Manjunaath and his mother (who I assume was in her 30’s) boarded the Vajra one day when I was on my way to work.He looked the typical kid of his age – lean,edgy and quite nagging.He sat a few rows in front,facing me and I on my part being veila,was engrossed into the acts of the child.

All through the hour long journey,amidst the maddening traffic he leap-frogged from his seat into his mom’s.He was a restless child who couldn’t just take a spade as a spade.And hence,when every other vehicle passed by in traffic,he would scream amma and get reassured from her that it was indeed a car or a bus or whatever.And the mom on her part,tried to convince him each possible time and I am sure that went into a 100 just in this trip alone.

The bus was largely empty and hence everyone got engrossed onto the antiques of this kid- so much so that the driver forgot the signal had become green,the lady next seat,closed her novel to have a look at him and the like.As all this was happening,his mother also started becoming conscious of this fact and warmly smiled at everyone saying that he indeed was a very naughty boy.

An hour into this,the bus stopped at NIMHANS and Manjunaath and his mom got out of the bus and walked away.And the last that I saw of them was when she was literally tugging the boy along with her.And the board read : School for the Mentally Ill.

5 days seemed like 5 centuries,without the internet…phew!!!!

The dependency of mine towards all these materialistic pleasures as proudly declared by amma became quite evident when I wasn’t getting sleep in the middle of the night yesterday.And I bloody made up my mind that I had to walk down to the campus into the Computer Centre for a dash of all this.

aahhhh….Heavenly… 😛

Anyway! It aint pouring as much as I had expected it to be though its fine enough for a cuddle up in the bed,sleep an extra 30 minutes and then dash off to class.The semester kicks off usually in this lazy and mundane manner,before running full throttle not even a month into it.

Teach for India promotions in campus are at bay and things on that front should be kicking off soon too.It also feels posh to have you own visiting card and flashing it out to almost every dick in town citing your association with TFI as its Campus Ambassador.

And I do hate these first year babies,who are waiting to encroach into my computer as soon as I am off it.

Kids of these days have their own way of growing up.I say this because of the sheer amazement that I feel,speaking to the kids of today.The kids of the past decade grow up at the speed of light that I for now feel,I have just about so managed to get the hang of things lately.. 😛

My 5 year old cousin(younger of the two) plays the Name-Place-Thing-Animal game with ease and spells out the toughest of words in English which I had no idea of until I was 15 or so.Add to this,the sort of big talk they indulge in.Thankfully though,they haven’t lost out on the vernacular language.And she is not the only one with whom I felt the difference.There’s this two year niece of mine – born and bred in London who is again really really good with people around.Her accentuated English is a bit of a concern though she is damn good at it that you just tend to sit back and listen in awe…

Especially since I love kids,its sooo blissful…

One thing I detest the most,is the inability of people around me to live upto their word.I am not asking for any assurances from anyone.But when you go out of the blue making one,spare a thought for the person on the other side (ME) who is expectant of a response.

And I hate it when you cook up reasons or go to the extent of defending yourselves aimlessly.Maybe you can call me ancient or whatever fancy,but I expect such little things.And no one is spared from these “idiosyncrasies” of mine.

Okay,I need a dagger now!!!!

PS: My estranged lappy comes home in the same form it came into me for the first time.Damn!!! 😦