The Last Ride

I woke up to rains on friday,my last day in Bengaluru.It is always a welcome sight,seeing charcoal black clouds over the horizon of your bedding and the window panes wet,with rain water dripping from top to bottom.It can make you snuggle closer to whatever you can afford – a pillow,a body or in the worst case,yourselves.It was ironic in a way that I did not have time for all this luxury,for I had a train to catch -homebound… 🙂

One month in the erstwhile garden city was nice.There are many things about bengaluru,which make it unique.The best thing is the sheer number of women,who you can see work bound on a weekday-on buses,cars,vans and it for sure is a pleasing sight.I know the aspiring chauvinistic pig in me wouldn’t be happy at this quip,but it somehow felt nice to see so many women standing up for themselves,to be counted in a male dominated society.Anyway!

Another of the striking aspect of the work culture there is the absolutely deserted state of the roads on a Saturday morning.I mean,this doesn’t happen in Madras or any other city that I know about.The paper-waala comes in,leisurely at 0830,the milk gut follows suit and the public transport looks haunted without the usual hustle-bustle.The majority of the offices remain closed,thus deeming an extended weekend. And I am sure these could just be some of the striking apsects that I have been a spectator to.

Thinking about the things I am gonna miss from this past 30 days,it wouldn’t be a big one,but for sure some significant stuff.Firstly,it would be the office which was according to me,the most amazing place to work in, ma’am and jaggi sir (two really cool professionals at work),the sight of the Vajra-hounding the roads like a beast,virtually shooing everyone away with the sheer power of the horses its got,the bisibellebath and dahi vada which had become a phenomenon in my scheme of things lately,the n number of women who could gape at until you got sick of them and many many more…

I am sure everyone would have a tale to tell of their respective cities and I sure have one,right now.And I love the idea of going to a new place,exploring it,looking at the people and its culture and basking in its glory.

Every day of our lives has a story to tell.And it is this inquisitiveness into it,that beholds the self and makes everyday of our lives worth the shilling.

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