Grown up babies

Kids of these days have their own way of growing up.I say this because of the sheer amazement that I feel,speaking to the kids of today.The kids of the past decade grow up at the speed of light that I for now feel,I have just about so managed to get the hang of things lately.. 😛

My 5 year old cousin(younger of the two) plays the Name-Place-Thing-Animal game with ease and spells out the toughest of words in English which I had no idea of until I was 15 or so.Add to this,the sort of big talk they indulge in.Thankfully though,they haven’t lost out on the vernacular language.And she is not the only one with whom I felt the difference.There’s this two year niece of mine – born and bred in London who is again really really good with people around.Her accentuated English is a bit of a concern though she is damn good at it that you just tend to sit back and listen in awe…

Especially since I love kids,its sooo blissful…

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