5 days seemed like 5 centuries,without the internet…phew!!!!

The dependency of mine towards all these materialistic pleasures as proudly declared by amma became quite evident when I wasn’t getting sleep in the middle of the night yesterday.And I bloody made up my mind that I had to walk down to the campus into the Computer Centre for a dash of all this.

aahhhh….Heavenly… 😛

Anyway! It aint pouring as much as I had expected it to be though its fine enough for a cuddle up in the bed,sleep an extra 30 minutes and then dash off to class.The semester kicks off usually in this lazy and mundane manner,before running full throttle not even a month into it.

Teach for India promotions in campus are at bay and things on that front should be kicking off soon too.It also feels posh to have you own visiting card and flashing it out to almost every dick in town citing your association with TFI as its Campus Ambassador.

And I do hate these first year babies,who are waiting to encroach into my computer as soon as I am off it.

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