Manjunaath and his mother (who I assume was in her 30’s) boarded the Vajra one day when I was on my way to work.He looked the typical kid of his age – lean,edgy and quite nagging.He sat a few rows in front,facing me and I on my part being veila,was engrossed into the acts of the child.

All through the hour long journey,amidst the maddening traffic he leap-frogged from his seat into his mom’s.He was a restless child who couldn’t just take a spade as a spade.And hence,when every other vehicle passed by in traffic,he would scream amma and get reassured from her that it was indeed a car or a bus or whatever.And the mom on her part,tried to convince him each possible time and I am sure that went into a 100 just in this trip alone.

The bus was largely empty and hence everyone got engrossed onto the antiques of this kid- so much so that the driver forgot the signal had become green,the lady next seat,closed her novel to have a look at him and the like.As all this was happening,his mother also started becoming conscious of this fact and warmly smiled at everyone saying that he indeed was a very naughty boy.

An hour into this,the bus stopped at NIMHANS and Manjunaath and his mom got out of the bus and walked away.And the last that I saw of them was when she was literally tugging the boy along with her.And the board read : School for the Mentally Ill.

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