The Rat Race : 1

6 hours is all that stands in between a no-show or a job profile with one of the biggest players in the construction sector.And I am for once,am not deemed fit of the task,again a reminder of the past which I have been ruing about quite a lot I know,this past few days.

But hey!! Life is cool and there is quite a lot of time at stake.Though I would idealise the evil way, wishing for the maximum number of recruits tomorrow which would widen personal hopes of landing up at a better place.But then,it doesn’t probably work like that and hence it remains to be seen as to what might just spring about late into the afternoon.

And for once,I wonder how much life changes when you are going to compete against your best friends for a call letter.”Gigantism” (in crude words: immoral selfishness),something which might be unheard of in external circles is the norm of the day and quite unavoidably so! And when it is billed to be the “Survival of the Fittest”,you needn’t expect any bit less. Game on! 

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