Dengue is King!!!!

If you ask me,dengue probably struck at the right time for Yuvraj Singh.Sometimes you wonder why the Jadeja’ and the Yuvraj’ have been sticking on like leaches.It ain’t definitely due to a dearth of talent in this part of the world.But the fact is that they haven’t been performing at all for the last so many months.

Maybe its got to do the World Cup 2011 being held in the subcontinent and MSD’ vision for the same.Yuvraj certainly would figure in it,provided his form is good then,but right now he isn’t doing anything except the cat fights with the crowds and obviously the parties.

OKAY!!!! I have started speaking cricket here too I guess. :O Premier League wont be far behind now,considering we (UNITED) have “Chicharitho” and “Bebe” in our armoury this time around.Otherwise,a brilliant day with rains and the fruity scent of the coliform (E-Coli) in the labs.. 🙂

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