Gone are the days when people could really afford coming down to Kerala for celebrating Onam and having a ball with family and close relations.These days,it just happens the other way round.On my way to Madras,I happened to see scores of senior citizens embarking on a journey to meet their kids and to spend time with them,in Madras this onam.

The pressures of work,the changing lifestyles,demanding wives and husbands have changed our outlook towards celebrations and festivals.These are the days of “instant Onam”, with all the ready made kits for all aspects of the festival.And we got noone else to blame than man himself.If at all it has done anything apart from catering to the needs of those who can ill afford it,I would say it has made all the women folk even more lazy to indulge themselves for atleast one day and cook a good meal in the company of family and friends coz almost every dick in town registers for the Onasadhya by the Malayalee Clubs bee lining the city.

It could only be worse in places like Bengaluru,Bombay and anywhere else though. And we go ahead,basking in the glory of the harvest and the folklore of the great King Mahabali.

                                       Happy Onam you all.. 🙂