August 30 would never be just another day in my life.Well the point is,I do not make it one such.Maybe its to do with the dates thingy which is inherent in my system or maybe its to do with the fact that the dude above wants me to be plummeted on the ground. lol  I dunno.

Anyway August 30 2010 marks year FOUR of undergrads.And that certainly means FOUR years of life at NITC.Funnily though,I still got time before I bid goodbye to campus.August 30 of 2007,2008 and 2009 were spent in contemplations (as would have been the case this year too,had I been counting on the dates).And I never came out positively from it.For,August 30 used to mean nothing else but a day to regret one of the most ill fated decisions that life had in store for me.And I regretted it the last three years wearing black and treating myself to satires and remorse.

This time around,it came quite unawares and it still turned out being an all black affair,that only when I was writing the date on the term papers did I get the hang of things.And all I could do was to laugh at my misery.

Some things never go out of your system.Like an old friend who thought of me as a womanizer who preached sodomy (true story). 😛 Gaawwdd,it makes me feel weird when you get praises as those too. And there are other days,when all you want is to forget certain moments in life and you have a mini freaking inside your mind, when they revisit you!