A Heroes Welcome

After a drama filled day,I finally returned home less than 6 hours after I made a return trip to college.Bad day would be an understatement,coz I thought it worse.Both my tickets got cancelled and I was just stranded with nowhere to go,but back HOME.

 And on the advice of amma,I am starting off tomorrow,same train though I got my reservation confirmed unlike today.The thing with these moms I tell you (most parents in general) ,which make them so amazing is just that mere fact that when it comes to the well being of the kids, she always thinks with her heart and not her brain. And I like that part! 🙂

A heroes welcome at home (quite contrary to the rather sobre one I got on friday ) – even if it meant postponing my seminar submissions by a day,risking the chance of incompletetion of lab records,meeting my love a day late (:P) and best of it all,not being witness to the after effects of the elections at college.

#family #college #stuff

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