Mister Super Awesome

Pa is just awesome,I should say.He leaves home at 8 in the morning,comes home late in the night.Even though he is never in his hay days anymore,he’s got his own ways of dealing with the pressures at work. Right after dinner (around 930pm),amma and devil (bro) retire into the comforts of the AC in the room.Though he stays back in the living room,managing to get a scoop of his mythological series.

Ask him the story and he says they contradict a lot from the realm,but he enjoys watching it.Then he comes inside,tells us the story and then goes back to his pile of newspapers pending a read. Yesterday when devil was cribbing about his English exam being difficult,he listened to him for a while and then did something amazing.

He moved aside his pile of newspapers, took a pen and a paper,asked for the question paper and sat down to do it all.Even at a time when his efficiency rate would have been just about 30% or so,he sat though the hour,read through all the passages,found all the answers and gave it to devil.By then,he was ready to retire for the day.  He and his ways of chilling out! 🙂

PS: Last tumblr before the big day.No unrealistically large dreams,just a simple,plain dream for a better life…So,do pray for me,everyone. 🙂



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