Monthly Archives: November 2010

Even when I am neck deep with work,I end up not doing it.Thanks to the much talked about cool guy regime,which I am going through right now.End sems for once,were a bit more easy on me except for one ofcourse which always comes into your scheme of things as a ‘drishti’. And today is day 4 of the 6 excruciating days that one has to survive in college (mess-less,penny-less and many more less’) to know from the jury that you well and truly suck at Engineering! And now when I think of it,I guess it is this self realization in me that has got me to conclude that life is cool when lived in a chilled manner,no holds barred… 😀 

Anyway,I have been maintaining my weight regime all this while,which means I haven’t even thought about exercising which should boil down to the fact that I am watching a lot of movies lately(Long story short:I am on a roll).Yesterday was two bollywood flicks back-to-back (Yeah,I am thatt awesome! :P). Jhootha Hi Sahi,I felt was a nice difference from convention,certainly refreshing,especially the Pakhi Tyrewala effect on stage – really good. Raghu Ram in a human avatar for once,the romance between Aaliya and Nick,John Abraham.And since I like London basically,so it was all that I could ask for in one single movie. 🙂 I would give it a 3.5 on 5.

Next up was a complete misfit called Break Ke Baad.Imran Khan,though he boasts of an Aamir Khan lineage somewhere down the line is a mechanized robot,tuned to work only one way.Neither I nor any of you could change it I guess.And then there is Deepika – with her glaring South Indian accentuated Hindi,couldn’t have complemented him in any better way,whole through.The only brownie point being Gold Coast,one does not miss a great deal by not watching this one.Infact thou shall be cool to give this flick a miss.. 😛 I don’t even want to grade this one!


All the fun unwinds down to the review on Tuesday.And it is now that I realize that all the coolness I had in me,is slowly but surely melting down at the thought of the work impending… 😦

Happy Sunday People!!!!!

What is most important at the end of the day is to be consistent. I must say at the moment nobody manages to be really consistent apart from Manchester United. They are consistent without too many wins, they have not lost yet but maybe they are the most consistent.
Arsene Wenger (after Arsenal lose to Tottenham at the Emirates on Saturday)