Of being a conventional jerk ~

I was not this lazy with my writing until tumblr happened to me.This concept of re-blogging others works (which I must say is amazing) has made me to being dependent onto it,when there is no premium of time at my hands.

We always tend to go behind the easier,tried and tested ways rather than being unconventional.For it never dawns in the mind,the fact that convention is what it is,merely as a result of a lack of variety in our thoughts.The same really applies to the very minute,yet significant decision that we make in college.

A place where options for electives in the higher semesters are at a premium,I see people around me making decisions solely based on convention rather than on a personal capacity. So much so that when I finished my registration for the current semester and proudly declared to people around me that I had taken Sociology as my global elective,they looked at me disbelievingly as though I had just shared an episode of incest with them.True Story! 

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