Meetups in Mumbai…

Its been ages since we have been friends. And I finally got to meet Raisa Das, one of my first friends in the blog world. As far as meetups and reunions are concerned, this was the most befitting for the sheer fact that it turned out all-so-well. There were no pictures taken, neither were there an exchange of pleasantries but I was treated with some awesome Italian by my host, who was quite contradicting (in a positive way though) than what I had in my mind of her. A wonderful conversation (which I loved anyway!) and the fact that she could give me an hour off her punishing schedule was heart warming indeed.

And there was this debate once again at the back of my mind on how real could virtual friends be. And I am glad I get the best ones of the lot by my side. As for others, I guess they all flopped. No one else apart from my relatives in Mulund,who again played perfect hosts and made my day. And lastly yesterday was with Murshid, another great human being from college. Though it sounds a bit gay-ish to say I enjoyed going around on a walking tour of Mumbai, I must say I did.. 😀 The western suburbs, the beach – it was all awesome again.. 🙂

And all this reminds me that I loved Mumbai, much more than what I had initially thought. 

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