The Year that was 2010

The year 2010 was wonderful in its own right. For one, some of the best things in my life transpired in the due course of the year that is past as I pen this down.

I met some wonderful people, made some really good friends that I wouldn’t regret, got back up to reckoning from the near-fatal rock bottoms in life, made smarter and better decisions, confessed a whole lot deal to a few wonderful people I love, and also made amends with a few people whom I thought I was being unduly cross.

But all this hasn’t come up at the cost of losing a few cherished memories. And since its past, I do not intend to rake it all up and spoil the last moments of 2010.

All thanks to god for waking me up each morning to see the beauty called LIFE. And the optimist that I am, makes me believe the year ahead shall give myself and everyone around me,all the same glory and gala,if not more. Retiring early on New Years eve,for a walk in search of self and in reminisce of the glory that is life.

Happy New Year! 🙂

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