Thanksgiving Day

Meeting the director-in-charge of NIT Calicut brought back a lot of memories. Memories of those days in which life wasn’t all that awesome – the days where in,my only thought was to get out of this campus and even take a B.A course (Infact I even applied for it in MCC and got through too,for Economics), those days when I had had google-d  ”how to commit suicide” and ended up getting more than 5 million ideas and many more such insane wishes.

For this man I met today, seated in his majestic looking office with plush cushions and posh interiors resembled no more than god to me. If not for his patient listening to an already freaked out self (your’s truly, yeah! ) and giving his very valuable piece of advice, I should have been out of this place way back in 2007 and probably roaming around, in the quest for a better life. Those 45 minutes I had spent with him (he was the dean back then), back in ‘07 had changed my life forever. And it was indeed thanksgiving day today.

He greeted me with a warm smile,cordial (unexpected of a man at his position,especially since we had a devil not-so-long ago), remembered my case pretty well (again,to my surprise) and shared some more of those wonderful memories with me. And boii!! Wasn’t he happy to know that I was employed, a potential MS aspirant and that I had clocked first class too!! 😀

Though his official capacities and obligations meant that our meeting lasted only 5 minutes, yet the fact that he could find time for me on a busy day was indeed humbling. Amazing day! 🙂

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