Three down from the first 30.. :D

Old adages are just brilliant.There is always this hearsay about this guy named Sonu Lal who did not have anywhere to go to or no one to receive as guests at his home until he got employed. So as soon as this guy joined for work, he immediately had a few unavoidable appointments to attend to. And not even one month into his work, he had taken a weeks off in total. And so when he got his first paycheck, he was reprimanded of the dire consequences – the perils of being the corporate slave.

And I looked around, for stuff such as these around me and I remembered my cousin bro, who had a rather rocky beginning, so to say. And now history repeats itself! It wouldn’t even be a month into my job and I already have a list of off days to be taken. One being the rather surprising and unexpected wedding of a dear friend from Bangalore (an amazing love story behind it makes for another post! 😛 ) and then there is work, back in college thanks to an International Conference (my road to awesomeness!:D ). That makes it 3 on 30. Way to begin! 😛

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