The thin line that you needn’t cross

The thin line between being nice and being over friendly seems to be the one I am very much bad at guessing right, at the moment. On an afterthought, most of us have ended up doing things pretty much of out of our reach, just to ensure that this other person is happy with us. And so does it most likely happen between people of the opposite sexes (not always,though most times!).

On a personal scale, I have been a thespian-of-a-victim when it comes to such things.And as amma says, I ain’t the one to realize and fall back. Truth is that sometimes we are trying a bit too hard to make people come towards us.So there is this line, we all cross at one point in life which needn’t really be crossed, thinking from an idealistic point of view.And there are these few other times when it is this feeling that this other person “needs” your intervention in his life, which might not be the way it is perceived beyond a certain limit. Where this “limit” really lies is a whole together different issue by now.

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