Bidding Adieu – II

Not so long ago, was I left to glancing through some of the photographs taken by one of my seniors during her days in college. And seeing all those reminded me of some real hard facts about life.

Firstly what comes into my mind was their sense of connect,2-3 years into their graduation year. I wonder if anyone will ever be connected with me, apart from the ones whom I ain’t leaving aside. And today when I look back at those flicks, I have this big bad feeling that we all suck in whatever we have done thus far. 

I try to recollect moments of glory which I thought,might never go off my head and it is then I understand of the sheer lack of it. Every one of the 80 odd people in class had their own 6-7 with whom they were all dilly-dally and that was all about it. And then there are the rest of them who think that all this is just passe.

And as I delve more into this, there is an understanding that comes in which drives this fact that we were and still are a bunch of heterogeneous clowns trying to carve a niche for our existence, by ways and means of mere opportunism and the lack of credibility in relationships. All this from yours truly,who used to laugh when his dad used to tell him that this generation had simply lost it!

Then on the shore Of the wide world I stand alone, and think Till love and fame to nothingness do sink

John Keats

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