The comedy called Baba Ramdev

Russian Circus starts a new show, featuring acrobatic showmen from the foothills of the Himalayas. The trick involves jumping from atop the dais, into a crowd of curious onlookers and disguising yourself as a woman before the audience find the show man from amongst the crowd. They are currently in talks with Baba Ramdev for providing the training for the show men. And the rumour is that Baba has demanded an island in the Samoa as his compensation.

god’s own Thrissur

The feeling of being in the midst of a spiritually charged atmosphere could be the most alluring thing on earth, if you desire a whole lot of sanity and peace within. And no better place than Thrissur, if you ask me. I have lived in various cities across which embrace a whole lot of cultures though nothing beats life in this part of the world.

So much so, that I feel my evenings post retirement would be spent along the Swaraj Round – walking across the length and breadth of the town, after paying a visit to the lord Vadakkumnathan, roasted groundnuts in hand, a few movies occasionally, gearing up for the next ‘Pooram’ in all eagerness. I wouldn’t mind an elephant in my ‘ettukettu tharavadu’ too coz going into the temple grounds to catch a glimpse of one when needed, seems to be painful enough. 

And to speak of this now, a good 30-35 years before its gotta really transpire is the level of utter madness and a sense of extreme fascination that this small little town could take its people into.