Dear citizens of this country,

People who still believe the Lokpal Bill will become a reality, need to be stoned. No politician would openly endorse such a campaign which is sure to nail each and every one of them, one day or the other. And frankly, I don’t blame them at all. They have made it to the houses of the Parliament with a view to splurge, amass a whole deal of money and loot the common man as against the noble cause of serving the nation, which was once a priority.

And I feel bad for the ones who go to the polling booth to exercise their franchise. For the last time!!!! I am not fighting this battle and fasting myself unnecessarily as I am completely aware of whats in store for things like this. Anna Hazare and his friends are wasting a whole lot of time by the fast-unto-death drama. And the whole voting exercise might seem as such a waste of time. Open your eyes and see around!!!!! 

 Sincerely Yours,


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