Monthly Archives: July 2011

If he had bowled a few more overs at the nets rather than swindling precious time over suing Vijay Mallya over a rather dubious looking impersonation of him at one of those liquor ads, I would probably not be witness to what I am seeing today.

You have an off-spinner who has 400 plus wickets, only the second after Muttiah Muralitharan having to be a no-brainer than being a handy number eight in the famed Indian batting lineup who might go hunky-dory once in a blue moon. And with Munaf Patel being a far better bowler in form and prevailing conditions compared to Bhajji, one is left astounded on the prevailing selection policies which looks more to be of filling a reservation quota. He needs to be told that he cannot be resting on his 400 plus profile, all the time. And I think its about time the management looks ahead.  

I have no biases in being a Chennai-ite and neither do I believe we churn out the best players or that Kris Srikkanth has an upper hand in getting the South Indians into the squad. But Ravichandran Ashwin even though he is young and inexperienced would have made himself a far better option if spin was indeed mandatory to quicken up the overs and help the ailing over rate. His record in the shorter forms have been meritorious enough, so to say.

Well begun is half done. This was precisely missing during the tenure of Shah Mehmood Qureshi who was more of an aggressive old school diplomat than the younger and refreshing Rabbani Khar. She has managed to bring out the voice of the youth of Pakistan,a voice of anticipation, peace, cooperation and brotherhood. Although she is widely touted to be the face of the army, her initial days have been largely error-free. Only time will tell whether she really meant all that was boisterously put out to this world.

Optimism is a bitch. It sticks onto you at the most ill-opportune moments.