The Singh who could never be Kingg

Dear Harbhajan Singh,

Unless anything catastrophic should happen, we have seen the last of you in a test match! 

Thanks for all the entertainment – the monkey gate, slap gate and all other gates which failed to kick off, just like your off-spin bowling. And recently I heard a statement from you saying, “I would be devastated if I didn’t end up taking 600 wickets.” Well well…

Firstly, you should be glad you played this long. Nobody entertains extra and unnecessary baggage like the Indian Cricket Board. 10 golden years since I last saw you in form and you needn’t be feeling any bit let down, I dare say.

So here is an online petition which I am starting urging the fellow Indians to sign on, requesting you to stop entertaining us.

Goodbye and Good riddance!

Sincerely Yours,


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