The Zillionth "Hello World" Post

People who know me decently well enough would take this as one another of those Hello World posts that I frequently churn out. I do not blame them at all. This is something that is done every time I start something NEW on the internet.
What ended as an abrupt knee jerk reaction to start running away has come a full circle I should say. A stint on WordPress, Jhoomla and Tumblr was soul stirring to say the least. Though the latter is the only one standing now, there is a sense of a home-coming and it is doubly satisfying to be standing upon your own shoes thanks to a personal domain.
If in any case, you follow this blog and fall in love with me or even want to date me etc, check on the ways to contact me. I would be glad to connect with you. Just write in a personalised sentence of introduction and we are through. The RSS feeds are available as such on the bottom of this page. Make good use of them too.

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