The Dirty Picture

Times of India reports:

Vidya Balan has never exposed as much – but in the first look of “The Dirty Picture“, inspired by late southern sex icon Silk Smitha’s life, she has painted a perfect picture in an itsy-bitsy red blouse matched with luscious red lipstick. 


Silk Smitha was quite a rage (a softcore goddess) as far as the south indian cinema industry was concerned, back in the 80’s. Largely unnoticed among family audiences thanks to her ultra sensual appeal. And “Silk” as she was known to her fans, was some sort of a refreshing change from the rusty old Jayabharathi’ and Unnimary’ in this department. She died young – a tragic death, the reasons of which are still not clear.
Now when the ultimate symbol of desire descends down to play the ultimate object of desire, this is what I call a cinema lover’ delight.


  1. dude, why did you not post the dirty picture 😛 i did on my blog 🙂 and did someone tell you, bald men are supposed to be more appealing 😉

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