Lisbon Times

Okay.. so Lisbon finally happened. Quite in an uncharacteristic fashion, I braved through long delays and an unofficial overnight stay at London to finally reach Lisbon Portela Airport at 10 in the morning. Barring the delay, it was a pleasant flight. And when you get a free stay in a 160GBP room at the Ramada London Heathrow as a complimentary gesture from British Airways, you just do not complain. As simple as that.
Infact being an Indian, I ended up confirming it atleast half a dozen times before I checked in, just to make sure that is. 😛 So yes, Lisbon… Matia, my friend was here to welcome me and he took me to my place, not so far from the university. The city appears to be quite amazing on a first sight. My apartment is decent, flatmates are wonderful till now. There’s Hugo (a Portuguese pharmacist ) and then there is Yolanda (a Spanish Erasmus student).
And we did indeed go out to explore the city a wee bit yesterday. And I must admit it was a very nice experience. Its the city of romance, art, a lot of history, nightlife and what not!!! Yeah, Great food too. University starts next week after induction, looking forward to that too.
Attached below are a few samples from yesterday’ trip. Enjoy! 🙂
 Marques de Pombal
 Marques Pombal overlooking the sea.
 Praco do Commercio
 Praco do Commercio
 Castle Sao Jorge on the background.
 Restauradores Metro
Av  Marques Tomar
and thats home!!!
  1. Anwesa said:

    Enjoy 🙂 P.S. : That makes me think again – The best things in life are free 😀

  2. Ria, Don't you see Lisbon calling you already? 😀

  3. Anwesa,Yeah, the best things are for free.. gyaani. 😛

  4. Awesome!!!Loved the pics! :)Good Luck!:)

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