Lisbon Times

Okay.. so Lisbon finally happened. Quite in an uncharacteristic fashion, I braved through long delays and an unofficial overnight stay at London to finally reach Lisbon Portela Airport at 10 in the morning. Barring the delay, it was a pleasant flight. And when you get a free stay in a 160GBP room at the Ramada London Heathrow as a complimentary gesture from British Airways, you just do not complain. As simple as that.
Infact being an Indian, I ended up confirming it atleast half a dozen times before I checked in, just to make sure that is. 😛 So yes, Lisbon… Matia, my friend was here to welcome me and he took me to my place, not so far from the university. The city appears to be quite amazing on a first sight. My apartment is decent, flatmates are wonderful till now. There’s Hugo (a Portuguese pharmacist ) and then there is Yolanda (a Spanish Erasmus student).
And we did indeed go out to explore the city a wee bit yesterday. And I must admit it was a very nice experience. Its the city of romance, art, a lot of history, nightlife and what not!!! Yeah, Great food too. University starts next week after induction, looking forward to that too.
Attached below are a few samples from yesterday’ trip. Enjoy! 🙂
 Marques de Pombal
 Marques Pombal overlooking the sea.
 Praco do Commercio
 Praco do Commercio
 Castle Sao Jorge on the background.
 Restauradores Metro
Av  Marques Tomar
and thats home!!!


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