The trail to find an Indian, most importantly a malayali in Lisbon ended up nowhere, so to say. The feeling of having a rather bland affair with Onam this time around was almost unthinkable a week ago when I left home, but I have convinced myself to probably inhibit from the very fact. Not that I didn’t go searching for one, infact I spent quite sometime of the day on the 5th doing this.
I did most things right too. For instance, I got down at Martim Moniz, a predominantly Afro-Asian belt in Lisbon I am told. I did walk around the place for clues, asked a few Chinese and they redirected me to this lady at the Indian store who quite candidly said she had not heard of Kerala. I did not leave it quite there, got myself to this Indian restaurant (very pricey menu) and he was kind enough to tell me that he indeed was in acquaintance with one family from Kerala. My hopes of an Onam celebration were bearing fruit much more than ever before. And I hopped my way onto this other street as directed by the restaurant friend.
On reaching there, I met this family, they looked quite Indian and when we got talking, I realised that they were descendants from the Mozambique. And thus ended the mallu trail.
Happy Onam to myself and all my mallu readers. This time around, I am quite alone in Lisbon. Though I still will make payasam and maybe head off to the temple on the other side of town (Atleast some mallus should be coming there!! )