Bairro Alto, No Thanks

When almost 99.9% of the atleast half a lakh student population in Lisbon and much of the current generation have headed off to the bars and pubs spread across Bairro right now, here is one man, who is really old from within (as remarked by his rather concerned flatmate) churning out this post from scratch. Everyone is gone, the doors have opened all over and across Bairro Alto, the night life capital of Western Europe, if not continental Europe as such.
Discounted rates on drinks, happy hours, parties, beautiful women (& men of course) – there is everything there, enough to get a physically able person to run over and immerse yourself in the festivities. The best part is that its just not about Friday or the weekend, Bairro is alive 7 days a week, 365 days a year starting from 2330 and running well upto 0400 the next morning and in some cases, even 0530. And yours truly happens to be one of those very rarest of the rare people who still haven’t got himself an ESN card which opens yourself into Bairro and the best part of nightlife and parties with heavy discounts and offers.  
Even before people have got themselves settled in the flats, they are concerned whether the counters at the ESN office would shut down thus deeming it impossible to gift themselves an ESN card – such is the case. And for a moment, I thought it was just the “European” thing to head off for a dash at Bairro, at the slightest window of opportunity. And my Indian friend proved me wrong, so much so he probably thinks I came from an altogether different planet. People gave me a really concerned look when I told them about this and asked me to seek help (with the psychiatrist is what they had in mind, but they were nice enough to put it in milder words… 😛 )
Somehow I just do not feel like it. I have always despised crowds and gatherings, and this should pass off as an obvious counter to my traits. But then, I delved into this a whole deal and figured that most people go there just to have fun, and loosen up and unwind from the clutches of the grueling semester and work and life in general. I mean, that is the case with most people. And maybe its the fact that I am so in love with myself that I do not feel the need to go out into the crowd, and pay a few euros to unwind and relax. My relaxation would be fine with a few conversations with the people I love, some good music some good stuff to read and maybe catch up a good game on TV or live stream. This is not to endorse the fact that I might never head off to Bairro as long as I am here, but I would rather be a recluse than be claustrophobic and cringe inwardly at the sight of an exodus. 
Now Playing: Etho Vaarmukilin, Neha Nair (Outcast Vocals 2) – been listening to this for the best part of the last two days. 

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