Well.. I wrote a whole list of things that I have been doing this past week. It was more like a description of how much different Saturday nights meant to me right now, thanks to the MIT Program and the vagaries of the same – rather depressing account for us all. But then, I realize that I love myself so much to let me down thinking this way. I am drowned with work, most times its overwhelming. I run on deadlines but I am learning a lot. I live out of the memo’ and notes on the mobile phone to keep myself organized. I live on breads for the best part of the week (and I couldn’t eat them any bit back home). Every cent goes down into the account books (maybe its because its almost equivalent to 6.4 INR) unlike times in India where I have never lived out of a budget, to be honest.I work on Sundays too reaching home by dinner time, but I have the company of some awesome people at the Tecnico. And despite being hard pressed for time, I think Facebook is a brilliant stress buster and I love it.
So even though life is a bad bitch right now, I have learnt to love her! Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish.