City of God (2011)

Mafia and Kochi have an instant connect with the average malayali. And so is the life of the migrant tamizhan in Kerala. And when you have a colossal movie of the same name set in Rio de Janeiro, you just got to get your act together. And City of God doesn’t disappoint you. Prithviraj is a serious contender for being numer uno and he proves it yet again. Notwithstanding the raw theme, I love almost everything about this movie – even the villain. Cocktail, Chaappa Kurish and this one down, the newly found experimental mode of movie making in malayalam cinema is on the rise.
  1. have you seen City of god the english movie .. Now that is a masterpiece too 🙂 and Kochi i guess being a port related ot mafia in movies .. I have been to kochi ones in school.. 🙂 Bikram's

  2. Bikram,Yes, I heard great reviews though haven't watched it. But then as soon I saw the Malayalam one, I went about to download the English movie. And its done. Saturday I am gonna see it.

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