The Weatherman Kronicles

I am just amazed at how the climatic patterns shift in the span of a few days here. The day I arrived here, September 3rd, the sun set at 2047 local time, which was a first in my life. And the mornings were adequately warm in the late 20’s and early 30’s (which is quite warm enough to get people to complain in this part of the world). And in a couple of weeks, it slowly dipped enough to feel good again before it rose into the mid 30’s for the hottest days in the year making people say, “What we are seeing now should have been August and not October!!!

1930, September 14 2011. Venue of the Benfica – Man U match.

And just a week after that, there came the first rains and the temperatures dipped a further 10 degrees in the span of 36 hours and people were beginning to take out their thermal wears. It hovers around 18-19 in the morning to drop down to 11-12 by night, largely cloudy and windy. Late sunrises have become a part of life compared to Madras where the latest the sun would rise was at 0615.

Late sunrises. 0730, Mid October. View from my window.
View from my balcony at 1430, the first rains.

And today was a new personal record when the sun set at 1738 and it was pitch dark by 1755.

  1. πŸ™‚ Man-U fan?I hate the weather now in November! Rains, no sunshine and always dark….Thank you for following my blog….Cheers [_]@

  2. Chintan,You made a good guess. πŸ™‚ Probably never heard of Benfica, thats why! I am a fan of Man United an Benfica as well. I always hated the November sun. Its just a torch light with no heat coming out. Welcome.

  3. hmm I ma not a fan of Man u even if i live in uk but then i am not a fan of football too πŸ™‚ the weather here is all gone cloudy rainy , dark and winters are here .. depressing time starts … Bikram's

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