One Year on, Still No Government

 A country with no form of governance isn’t something impossible as I realized yesterday. Apologies if this news comes as being a thing of the past, but Belgium entered into a record of sorts after being government-less since June 2010. After a series of political disagreements, it was decided that there wouldn’t be any form of governance at the national level. No important decisions are made, all of the administration had been handed over to regional or municipal administrators long ago itself. 
And that’s not the best part. The Belgian economy improved in this period than in the same period previous year. The Unemployment rate is at 8.5%, lesser than the European Union average of 9.4%. And that’s just the start of the many things that hit the green without a stable government. Brilliant, isn’t it? 
Don’t believe me? Read these:

  1. Belgium: 450 Days after Election, still No Government | Huffington Post
  2. 2010-2011 Belgian Government Formation | Wikipedia 
  3. Belgium: One year on, Still No Government | CNBC 
Anyway, for a country which is as big as Kerala, all this might work out well. I didn’t mean to generalize when I put this up, you know. Even though we have a shit of a government ruling over us.


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