On Administrative Procedures and Formalities

It’s amazing how things pertaining to administration work in Portugal. At least when you are coming from India where the smallest of things take a week to be a reality. Today, I had an appointment at the Portuguese Ministry of Justice complex, which houses the Department of Criminal Justice (Registo Criminal). I needed to visit the Campus de Justica for obtaining a certificate which would state that I had no criminal record liable to a conviction in Portugal, one of the prerequisites for a residence permit in the EU.
And as soon as I reached the justice campus, it weirdly resembled the typical IT parks that are beefing up the landscape in India. The buildings were posh, lush greenery, super awesome shades and all that you normally associate with a software park these days. And we entered the building and got into the counters in 5 minutes. The lady at the counter asked me for my visa, she entered the details to check into the database and voila, it was over!! She gave me a certificate in less than 5 minutes.
And, I fondly remembered how I went up to the Shaastri Bhavan, Madras not once, but twice for the same job and it took me 5 hours in the queue plus a further two weeks for the correspondence of the police certificate.
And far too many typos in the current article means I need to catch up with sleep. And that will follow the legend that is Moshe Ben Akiwa on video conference from Boston, which should start in an hour. Bye!


  1. 😦 no wonder we give up and make our mind to settle down abroad. Did you read Irfan's story on my blog? I am so disgusted. And in London too, the Indian Embassy folks give hard time to Indians. Shoosh.

  2. Chintan,People who are born mean fill the embassies, the collectorate and all the administrative offices in India. And as you said, I can now understand why so many take the decision of moving abroad. :)Aayushi,Why should I come back to India now? You are turning 18 only two years from today right (remember the plan..?? 😀 )? Tab takk, I will be back. 🙂

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