On Birthdays, their relevance and the common sentiment associated with them

I recently came across this message on one of my women friend’s wall on Facebook
It read something like this:

Never thought that I would have so many surprises lined up for my birthday which I thought would be otherwise low-key. Thanks everyone for everything. I am glad you are with me, my precious!!! :)) :D.

And it somehow got me thinking on the relevance of birthdays among the two sexes and the common sentiment associated with it. Girls, as far as I know never have celebrated a “low-key birthday“. Yet, the reference for a low key birthday is obvious even when they themselves know it has never ever happened to them. Guys, on the other hand stand a very good prospect of celebrating a low-key birthday. Many instances would come to my mind in substantiating my stand on this.
When you are single (either by choice or chance) or stood up in life, there is a good enough possibility of it going low key coz nobody really cares apart from yourself. On the other hand, even if you are in a “thing” (as is the trend nowadays), you might still have a girlfriend who wouldn’t remember the dates (I myself had a couple of those) and would blame you (the guy) for the mishap that was called your birthday. But then, they are women so we men don’t make it such a big issue and tend to forgive. Imagine if you had swapped roles and forgot your girlfriend’s birthday, you can be rest assure the marching orders would be ready soon enough. :)There comes the aspect of relevance. I cant think of many men who would think of their birthdays being the most important days of their life. But on the other hand, its quite natural for women to feel so.
Coming to the common sentiment associated part, I found something amazing in this part of the world. The common sentiment associated with your birthday here is in loose terms, “something of a pure joy of growing old and having accomplished a milestone in life“. This is actually the most common sentiment  on a global scale, and you end up spending a fortune to let the world know that you are growing old. This is quite a contradiction to someone like me (I am always in the minority) who thinks that birthdays are just one more way of god telling you that you have one year less to the grave. Thus I never understood the whole concept of celebrating it ever since I was 18, I think. I still am unsure which of the versions is the right one, but continue to go about mine for the sake of convenience and comfort.
How do you, the reader view your birthday?


  1. Contrary to your experience, I do keep my birthday low key now…and I know friends who do too :)Although, a little celebration doesn't harm, yet I prefer the way men take things easy 🙂

  2. i love birthdays….mine or my wife's….it means fun and celebration… but it is a private celebration, just two of us…..death is inevitable, why care…

  3. SUB,We see the same thing in right the opposite ways. Death is inevitable, I am not being scared of it. But I am just being aware of it engulfing me any moment. Its not actually a sense of fear, but a sense of awareness.

  4. My birthday, I've NEVER celebrated in a "high-key" (hehe opp. of low key :P) manner… Always its been a silent celebration… But after G's entry in my life, it was super…I celebrated one b'day with him and it was indeed super 🙂 🙂

  5. Sowmi,As I was telling Chintan, women like you are rare. A private celebration doesnt even qualify as a grand celebration. Grand is what is to invite all your friends, throw a party, spend a fortune. all this for what? growing old?

  6. I view my birthdays in the same manner too. Though I think reaching 30 almost feels the same way 😛 About girls NEVER having a low key birthday — you're so wrong ! My birthdays are almost always low-key.. and I somehow now prefer it that way I think. Though I wouldn't mind the gifts 😉

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