The price is 35 Euros

Its almost 11 in the night as I leave Tecnico, for home. After a hard day – fighting deadlines, seeing UNITED lose and bow out of the Champions League, braving the cold (which is rather unusual for me, since I am from Chennai) I walk back, mind flooded with thoughts of the work pending. And of the life that I am living here.
As I descend the flight of steps, I see her standing near the parking lot on the opposite side. I slow down my pace to observe her. She is tall, well dressed and extremely beautiful for a Portuguese woman. A few cars slow down seeing her on the side of the road – some of them slow down, have a conversation with her and go away while a few others look at her and just speed up. Probably they did not like the “package”. Less than 5 minutes and there were already half a dozen cars stopping by her and they go through this routine.
And just when I give up on it and start walking, comes another car. I could see two men inside, mid 30’s. They have a little conversation with her. And yes, the deal is signed. She gets into the car which speeds away, out of my horizon. And I walk back home, the lady in the back of mind, and of the people who seek warmth in her in the chill of Lisbon.
  1. sometimes…don't you feel we are raped more than prostitutes? I highly respect them for their bravity…and shamelessness…Have you read my concept of mind nudity?

  2. Ashmeet said:

    oh heartbroken!!! that's how I felt

  3. Neethu said:

    how didu know the price is 35euro?:P

  4. Meow said:

    Like Neethu.. I also wanna know how you know its 35Euros 😛 Very curious heheh.. 😀

  5. Chintan,I haven't completed your blog as yet. Blame the semester, but I promise to do that soon enough. And regarding them, I absolutely think we live a life which is really sad, if you ask me – caught between things we wish to do and of the restrictions that prevent us from doing them. They however live the life of a free spirit.

  6. Jyoti,Its a paradox. Binu,Hehe. Its all about the right time. ;)Ashmeet, SpideramaIt is indeed sad when you think of it.Neethu, SowmiAppam thinna porey, kuzhi ennano? 😀 (Appalam sapudu nee, epidi pannen mattum kekkathey!! 😛 )

  7. I had witnessed two such 'pickings' years ago in pune n then in bombay.. But never observed with such beautiful eyes as yours.. Touching!

  8. Suruchi said:

    it's a short and yet striking piece-i am amazed at how much has been conveyed with such simplicity of expressions:-)

  9. crisp and precise; strikes to the core…I feel scared, alarmed and sick.. thinking of .. and do not see them any less than any other woman.. Let us not judge, we never really know how it is to be sold again and again, the complex mind which justifies, defends and yet feel guilt probably..Good write, Nikhil.. thanks to Chintan for the share:)

  10. A nice post!Conveyed very crisply..Thanks to Chintan to direct me here..

  11. Pygmalion,It is indeed painful to see this pick up scene, but she did what she thought was best for her. We aren't judging her when we mention this, but merely looking through the third eye of opinion. Thanks for the read. I am glad you liked it. Swati, Suruchi & RahulI am glad you liked it. Thanks.

  12. Nelofur said:

    Loved reading it! The silent thoughts behind your observations and all! Again – Thanks Chintan to get me to this link!

  13. Dhanya said:

    Extremely beautiful for a Portuguese woman? You mean Portuguese women are not pretty? :O Nice post btw 🙂 Could visualize the entire scene.

  14. Nelofur,First up, nice name! I am glad you liked it, thanks to Chintan ofcourse! Dhanya,To be honest, lets say they are not!

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