According to the Hindu, Valentine’s day is not necessarily spent with the person you love, but often with the thing, you can’t live without. And once it is upon the print media, it becomes more so of a diktat for the masses.   Apparently, men have broken up relationships citing their attachment with the dog, which certainly measured up to be more than that with the girlfriend. And many women obsess over their bags and shoes (Oh yeah!! tell me about it…)……….
Ask me and it serves right to all of us. And when I look around myself, the Europeans seem to obsess over these little things to an astronomical level. I wouldn’t want to spend one whole day of my life with this woman I know for the past 3-4 months, just because she is good in bed (which is a requirement for people to spend time with the opposite sex). I know of my friends who have made elaborate plans to make sure their partners make up for them at the bedside, which is ridiculous. This being said, I am sure that if I am to ever find the love of my life, I wouldn’t have to reserve all my love for her to a certain date in a year and spend it with her. I would make an effort to spend every possible minute with this person than having to be selective about it. So the whole idea of spending February 14th solely with the person you love somehow loses the plot. So all those single people like me, who are ruing over their inability to paint the town red with the person you love, take a break people.