On food and other stuff…

As far as I know, the Portuguese and most other European societies are physically very fit people.  They enjoy a nice climate all year round, are curled up to the confines of  home for six months (until the beginning of July or so, when people start hitting the beaches for holidays), eat three lunches a day 3 times a week, are very much a dine out culture and yet they manage to stick on a pencil frame.

Add to all these indulgences, these night long snack bars/ take away places –  which are open all night long just like the one below my apartment. And if you think they have a lean business, well congratulations. Absolutely wrong. By the time I am done jogging (yeah, new habit. desperate times.. desperate measures.. likewise..), the queue to hog a midnight snack reaches outside towards the sidewalk.

And I stand there bewildered looking down. I see these 100 pound women (they might struggle to get a grip if the cyclonic storms strike right now) walking into the shack and off it grabbing a piece of their favourite hamburger. And then I look at myself. Midnight snacks are sure delightful. But I feel, I put on weight even when I drink water.


    1. Its the angle (not cliche.. really!). and i was obese in high school 😀 so i have had my share being ‘in shape’. teehee

    1. Amen. I liked the canteen over looking the basketball court more. served the most amazing chicken mayo sandwiches. How could a child concentrate!

  1. I don’t eat all that much, but yes I am a good cook as well as a fan of different cuisines. Plus I work in front of a comp to give results, almost 12 hours a day. So deadly when all these come together. 😛

    1. A software engg (guess-u) who jogs and cooks AND has the will power to not snack at midnight. shoh. maha combination.

  2. I am a transportation engineer. Basically a civil engineer, graduating with a masters in Transport now! Power not to snack at midnight is a forced thing for longevity purposes. 😛

  3. Both are the same. I am doing my research part of the masters right now. Involves the lab job, sitting here day n night like a rot and scouring the world wide web for information, especially on airports n airlines.

    1. Airports and airlines? Well whaddaya know, my work revolves around those industries too. So shy not when you come across a good read, haan? The boss is a strange one, she is.

  4. Yes I do remember. But why did you bring that up here? :O Anyways, do me a favour. Lets talk on gtalk if you may agree. Add me there: nikhilmenon2006 Quite awkward doing small talk on the blog.

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