Not a tech guy by any figment of imagination, but been reading a bit on Satya Nadella’s appointment and as to how damn good a one it is, at that.

  • He doesn’t seem to be the guy who simply “got lucky”.
  • He’s been a 2 decade old veteran with the company.
  • Well known among his ilk to be very very good at his work (both on the technical as well as the business side of it).
  • A family guy.
  • Ever inquisitive with a constant learn unlearn relearn process, amongst others.

So you will need everything in there (unless you are one of those Ambanis) to make it big. Forget what @TheJaggi has to say about it on First Post. Although there is some minor truth to it, he has no statistical proof to that either. But Nadella’s elevation is a milestone to look up to for every immigrant – who has come over hoping to make a meal out of his life. It was a conscious choice, one which got him his dream. Many many congratulations, sir.

A few interesting reads on the man:


Picture credits: [Mashable]