One Year on, Still No Government

 A country with no form of governance isn’t something impossible as I realized yesterday. Apologies if this news comes as being a thing of the past, but Belgium entered into a record of sorts after being government-less since June 2010. After a series of political disagreements, it was decided that there wouldn’t be any form of governance at the national level. No important decisions are made, all of the administration had been handed over to regional or municipal administrators long ago itself. 
And that’s not the best part. The Belgian economy improved in this period than in the same period previous year. The Unemployment rate is at 8.5%, lesser than the European Union average of 9.4%. And that’s just the start of the many things that hit the green without a stable government. Brilliant, isn’t it? 
Don’t believe me? Read these:

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Anyway, for a country which is as big as Kerala, all this might work out well. I didn’t mean to generalize when I put this up, you know. Even though we have a shit of a government ruling over us.

Sole to Soul – A Spectacle of Kathak

I was fortunate to be one among the rasikas (spectators/audience) of Sole to Soul, a spectacle of the Indian classical dance form Kathak performed by Lajja Sambhavnath and her disciples at the Museu de Oreiente yesterday evening. Kathak, as you all might know is a Northern Indian classical dance form which conveys a lot of stories through the form of dance. It is derived from the Sanskrit word Katha meaning story.
The rasikas for yesterdays show were largely a group of partisan Europeans who seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed the performances on stage. Paulo Sousa was on the sitar while Raimund Engelhart was on the tabla.
If you are on Facebook,this is the link to the video. Enjoy.

Now Playing:

Outcast Vocals 2 and Neha Nair (performing in the video clips below) work like magic for me. Just when I know things are not going the right way, I play this clip and by the end of the 8 minutes of the song, I know I am back to being my usual self. Her forte is in improvising the old malayalam and tamil classics to suit the listeners of the modern day. Its light and breezy with minimal orchestra.And when you have an electrifying voice backing up the song, the power of her music becomes indeed amazing. So much so that after my recommendation, my marathi friend got head over heels for her music and is a proud devotee! 😛 Now that I have effectively managed to sell you her brand of music, enjoy the clips. 🙂 

The all new Facebook Block feature

The all new Facebook block feature has taken it to a very literal level. You block someone on Facebook after you unfriend them and then you realize that you are not even left with the traces of them on your feed. The access to their profile is blocked, their comments on a common thread don’t appear on your feed and you cannot reverse the blocking action (well you could if you were a pussy ofcourse). Awesome! 
In other news, the winter is taking its effect in this part of the world with low to very low intensity intermittent rains. And I am slowly getting into the comforts of my fur coated winter wears now.

Hell: The last door, on your left

I am absolutely in love with the fact that this world and the people inhabiting it are failing to recognize the pit falls that are coming out, slowly yet surely into the open. Its like everyone is hallucinating and their minds have been switched off. The India Against Corruption movement got plagued with corruption allegations, chappals and sandals were thrown at the patrons, people started walking out fearing the political turn of events in the IAC and the movement just fizzed out, the very same way as it sprouted up. 
And that is not it. Gaddafi died and the Libyans started to celebrate. America said it is a historic day and the rest of the world nodded their heads in agreement. The promise for an alternate leadership in Libya sounded optimistic at the beginning, but nobody, not even America says a thing about the patch work that has to be done to bring up the republic, which was plentiful of riches not-so-long ago. 
And then there are these people who are making all the noises in the vicinity. Some are getting married, some are trying to get laid, some are coming out of a bad marriage, some are breaking up, some are waging internal wars and conflicts, some are just trying to look cool and a few others are playing the middle men. And I especially despise these middle men. For they are putting one leg on each boat, not knowing where it is taking them to. Trying to be genuine and being genuine are two different things. Yet, they think the honeymoon shall last forever. 
Screw it!!!