Transportation and Health

  • Travel behavior of people with travel-restrictive medical conditions

This study uses the data from the 2017 National Household Travel Survey in order to investigate travel behavioral and mobility patterns of people with travel restrictive mobility conditions. Of particular interest here are those for whom a medical condition resulted in (i) asking others for rides, (ii) giving up driving, or (iii) using special transportation/reduced-fare taxi services to satisfy their mobility needs. Results from this ongoing effort will provide crucial insights on understanding the mobility challenges faced by people with travel-restrictive medical conditions across different environments. Additionally, the insights obtained from the econometric models could form a baseline for evaluating disparities in access, and the effectiveness of services offered to the transportation-disadvantaged from the lenses of planning and policy-making.


Menon, N., Chandran, V., and Bertini R.L. Investigating Travel Behavior and Ride-Hailing Usage among People with Travel-Restrictive Medical Conditions in the United States. Target Journal: Journal of Transport Geography.