I am a Research Associate at the Center for Urban Transportation Research (CUTR)University of South Florida. My research spans the areas of emerging transportation technologies, shared mobility, travel behavior, and transport planning.

One of my major expertise centers around the behavioral modeling of emerging transportation technologies in urban systems. In addition to this, I am also extensively involved in work that examines the impact of big data and information and communication technologies (ICT) on travel behavior, as well as inter-sectional research involving the role of transportation on health and well-being. To better understand advances in these fields, I combine theories and frameworks, and apply native and emerging transportation data sources, and methods to foster sustainable, smart, and connected communities. I find motivation in pursuing topics that have a human component to the research and require discourse and discussion beyond the four walls of the lab.

In addition to research, I also teach the graduate course Transport Planning and Economics (TTE 5501) in the Fall semester(s) and co-teach the undergraduate course Transportation II (TTE 4005) at the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering, University of South Florida. My classes are interactive and provide the students with the tools to apply the taught modules and find solutions to challenges outside their classroom.

Outside of work, my personal interests include travel, micro-blogging, reading (non-fiction guy), premier league football, test match cricket, cooking, and Malayalam cinema.